Don Cecil

Don Cecil


Founder, MC2 Bay Area LLC.

Since 1994 I’ve been providing public and government affairs consulting to corporations, public agencies, trade associations and nonprofits in the Bay Area, aside from two years in Washington, DC. I’ve been privileged to develop deep expertise and relationships that enable me to help my clients navigate complex governmental processes, conduct business development, engage stakeholders and solve problems.

In my consulting practice, MC² Bay Area, I bring innovative and strategic thinking, as well as meticulous attention to detail, to clients including Comcast, Dignity Health, Castilleja School, Chevron, PG&E and the Silicon Valley Leadership Group.

The projects and initiatives advanced have helped to improve local government, build strong communities and foster a commonsense balance between a strong local economy, smart development and quality of life.

My earlier work included managing more than 30 successful campaigns for city council, board of supervisors and assembly. I’m proud to have managed the campaign that elected the first openly gay representative on the San Jose City Council, Ken Yeager.

I have also managed campaigns for ballot measures that have secured more than $1 billion in funds for local school facilities, the new Valley Medical Center Hospital, and transportation improvements.

One of my assets is that I’ve managed to avoid making enemies in a profession where that’s not always the case. That keeps a lot of doors open to me. I try very hard to maintain positive relationships, even among people who may not see eye-to-eye, by being honest and above-board with all parties.

I learned a lot from my late business partner, Muffie Meier (the “M” in MC²). She was a fearless advocate in her personal and business lives – a great mentor and a role model for how to be compassionate while being strategic and successful.

It’s my great pleasure to continue providing outstanding governmental and public affairs consulting to my clients as MC² Bay Area LLC.

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