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Institute_for_Local_GovtThe Institute for Local Government promotes good government at the local level with practical, impartial and easy-to-use resources for California communities. The Institute’s goal is to assist local leaders to govern openly, effectively and ethically, work collaboratively and foster healthy and sustainable communities. The Institute envisions a future in California in which people value their local public institutions, local agencies effectively deliver public services, all segments of the community are appropriately engaged in key public decisions and decision-makers make informed policy choices based on their best sense of the public’s interest.

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One_East_Palo_AltoOEPA’s mission is to develop resident leaders, broker resources and services, build the capacity of individuals and organizations, and advocate for change, leading to the improved social, physical, spiritual, educational and economic well-being of East Palo Alto (EPA), CA. One East Palo Alto’s vision is to transform East Palo Alto into a community where our residents are celebrated for their diversity – a community in which we are engages, informed and empowered to develop all the resources we need to enjoy a good quality of life for ourselves and for our children.

We listen to community priorities and facilitate community decision-making. We empower residents to play an active role in solving issues of concern to their community. We value the multi-ethnic, multi-generational diversity in our community and recognize the unique contribution of each group. We are agents of change that work together to solve problems in our community. We coordinate dialogues between residents and community institutions. We are a learning organization that constantly review progress, assesses outcomes, and refines strategies based on new learning.

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City_of_East_Palo_AltoThe City of East Palo Alto’s mission is to provide responsive, respectful, and efficient public services to enhance the quality of life and safety for its multi-cultural community. The City of East Palo Alto services are through the following departments: City Manager, City Attorney’s Office, Community and Economic Development Department, Finance Department, Fire Department, Human Resources Department, Police Department, Rent Stabilization Program, and Youth & Family Services.

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Nuestra_CasaNuestra Casa is a community education organization dedicated to increasing civic participation and promoting economic self-sustainability of the Latino immigrant population of East Palo Alto and the area served by the Ravenswood City School District.

Embracing popular education values and practices, we develop local leadership in order to foster changes for the betterment of the community’s integral economic and social well-being. A cornerstone of our work is the recognition that the growth of families’ knowledge is intrinsically linked to developing community power.

Nuestra Casa works to advocate and promote the development of Latino immigrant communities from different social sectors—from recent immigrants just initiating their cultural transition to California’ society to those who have successfully established themselves. We endeavor to create projects that address our residents’ needs and desires, as well as the challenges they face in the fulfillment of their aspirations.

As a voice representing the community, Nuestra Casa seeks to guarantee its political participation in various spheres. We believe that the community is the essence and bastion of our work, and thus seek to nurture its unification and strength, guiding it toward self-sufficiency, educational success and democratic participation.

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MCESBA-logoThe Multicultural Counseling and Educational Services of the Bay Area (MCESBA) assists individuals and families develop problem-solving strategies for managing life’s challenges and transitions. Our Institute responds to the increasing need to provide culturally appropriate services for individuals and families in our communities.

Our goal is to provide an alternative to the dominant culture’s programs and services that are essentially Eurocentric in nature and promote a Eurocentric problem-solving approach and cultural world-view. We offer support that affirms and promotes individuals’ and families’ cultural values, inherent worth, and dignity.

For more information about MCESBA contact: (650) 388-8433


City_of_Menlo_ParkThe City of Menlo Park services are provided through are series of departments most of which are located in the City Hall/Administration Building on the Civic Center grounds at 701 Laurel St., by Burgess Park. Also located at the Civic Center, but in separate buildings, are the Community Services Department recreation centers and the Library. The departments include: City Council, City Attorney, City Manager, Administrative Services, Community Development, Community Services, Library, Police and Public Works.

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Future Collaborators and Supporters

Hagar has begun conversations with local leadership to develop a shared understanding of the role that civic engagement plays in achieving the goals of myriad organizations, institutions and associations. The following list of partnerships represent the focus of Hagar’s outreach efforts in the coming years:

  • Current and former elected officials
  • Ravenswood School District
  • Sequoia High school District
  • City/County Managers Association
  • ICMA
  • San Mateo County/Cities
  • San Mateo County College District
  • Menlo College
  • Norte Dame DeNumur University (NDNU)
  • Stanford University Haas Center
  • De Anza College, Institute of Community and Civic Engagement
  • Santa Clara University
  • San Jose State University
  • San Mateo County Assessor/Elections Office
  • Redwood City Library Foundation
  • Facebook
  • League of Women Voters
  • Redwood City School District
  • Select list of private Schools
  • League of California Cities/California State Association of Counties(CSAC)
  • Leadership Monterey Peninsula


Hagar Services Coalition, Inc. would like to thank the following individuals for volunteering their time, expertise and encouragement and support of our programs and services. We could not have come this far without your support!

  • Gloria Brown
  • Don Cecil
  • Andrés R. Connell
  • Linda Craig
  • Karen Csejtey
  • Michael L. Edell, CFRE
  • Henry L. Gardner
  • Curtis Gaspard
  • Martin Gonzales
  • Rich Gordon
  • Jerry Hill
  • Jim Irizarry
  • Barbara Jacobs
  • Patricia M. Jones
  • Don Kazac
  • Marla Lowenthal
  • Michael Lui
  • Sophie Maxwell
  • Rev. Chester McCall (MCESBA)
  • Marie McKenzie – City of East Palo Alto
  • Dr. Faye McNair-Knox
  • Clem Molony
  • Mark Moulton
  • Evelyn Neeley
  • Barbara Noparstak
  • One East Palo Alto
  • Meda Okelo
  • Henry Organ
  • Emily Pharr – City of East Palo Alto
  • Dr. Frank Omowalle Satterwhite
  • Brian K. Saunders
  • Pastor Paul Shepard
  • Warren Slocum
  • Bob Staedler
  • Debbie Jones Thomas
  • Larry Tripplett
  • Deby Veneziale
  • Thurman White
  • Joann Wright
  • Councilmember Lisa Yarbrough-Gauthier
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